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East West. Turn the handle and while one character bows the other raises his hand to shake hands. Realising their mistake they switch greeting - an endless cycle of polite misunderstanding! Print this model onto thin photocopier card then all you need to make the model are scissors, ruler, PVA glue and a sharp knife.

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Friday 25th May 2012 05:52


how is it even possible that this has been on the site  for like 2.5 years and have no comments,well anyways i did this model a few days ago i have the basic movement okay but one of them the hand dosnt go all the way up and the other dosnt bow as much but the movement is there on both of them so i can live with it being slightly off.the mechnism is  very clever as a single push rod and some linkages control both the movement of the arms and the bowing motion.it is a funny model as you turn the handle and watch them alternate in an infinate motion of confusion.  

Friday 25th Sep 2015 14:39


I made the model yesterday. My printer supports black and white colour only. So I printed the model on white paper. The ink didnot dried after 10 days. So I decided yesterday to make the models without ink dry. After finishing the model, my hands were totally black.

Here we go:-https://youtu.be/GW3X3Aq39ZI

Thanks Rob for east and west