Further progress on the safe-style combination lock. (I'll have to find out the official name!) I've tidied up all the parts on the computer, quite a time consuming process, then started to work out how the whole thing is going to fit into a box. My plan, at the moment, is to have a drawer of some sort above the rotor mechanism which is protected by the lock below.

That's it for today though, I'm off to help with the lighting at the local am-drams

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Friday 17th Feb 2012 22:07

machina eX

gonna be awesome.

I hope so :-) - RI

Saturday 18th Feb 2012 03:03


frankenpaper's picture

That is soooo Cool! Will we be able to set any combination we want?

You'll probably be able to set the combination on building but it won't be possible to change it aferwards. - RI