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A working warded lock to cut out and make. Print out the pages of this model onto thin card, follow the fully illustrated instructions and make your own working model warded lock. The download consists of one acrobat file which will take no more than a couple of minutes download. The file has four pages of illustrated instructions for the easy construction of your model and four pages which make up model sheets.

Paper Locksmith Collection
Combination Lock, Cylinder Lock and Warded Locklocks

The Complete Paper Locksmith. Only £6!


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Monday 16th Nov 2015 12:26


Rob, I bought the paper locksmith collection. But it does not contain Warded lock. It contains cylinder lock, combination lock, Paper Safe.

My apologies - send me an email and I will reply with the warded lock parts. - RI

Wednesday 18th Nov 2015 11:46


Hi I have sent you the email.

...and I have sent you the file :-) - RI