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Blog Shiny New Website

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Over the years I have created a several laser cut and 3D printed models. This website is aimed specifically at paper models so rather than cluttereing it up with non paper models I have used other sites including to make models available. Now that I am a ambassador for Ultimaker Create Education ( I mentioned that before right? :-) I thought it best that I collect all my 3D Print and Laser-Cut stuff into one place.

So, I'm pleased to announce that I have started a new website at

I've tried to keep a similar look and feel with the main site so you should feel at home. I'm not adding membership to this site yet, maybe sometime in the futre but for membership I feel that you really need an extensive collection of projects and it is early days at the meoment.

For those with an interest in the behind-the-scenes of website design, is based around Wordpress whilst this site is driven by Drupal.

The site is split into three main sections...


A blog, with hints, tips, design notes and articles about upcoming projects and interesting developments. 3D Prints. At the moment this will be your source of files fo you to use on your 3D print, some free, some paid for. Laser-Cut. Again, initially this will be files for your laser cutter though at some point I might start selling kits of parts.


Co-axial gear. Next step

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Further adventure with my co-axial drive! I've changed the axle diameter so that they are a loose fit one inside the other then remade the gears so that they fit on the new shafts.

This frame holds everything in alignment.

The top piece fits loosely over the shaft keeping the vertical axle straight. Turning the pinion gear (orange) turns the blue gears in opposite directions. This prototype runs beautifully smoothly so I have high hopes for the finished project!

Next step, I'll fit the end piece into position and attach a a crank handle. Looking good!

Contra-Rotating Gear Prototype

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For a project I'm working on I need two disks, one on top of another, rotating in opposite directions. The mechanism is interesting and could be useful for other paper automata so I'll be putting it on the site as an Essential Mechanism.

Here is the first proof-of-concept stage. There will be two vertical axles, one inside the other. The plan is that the lower gear rotates the inner axle and the top gear rotates the outer axle. Both gears are rotated in opposite directions by the blue pinion gear. In this prototype the top and bottom gears have thirteen teeth and the pinion gear has nine teeth.

The next stage is to design the box. It will need to hold everything accurately in position whilst at the same time letting the gears rotate freely. Should be fun!

Runaway Rabbit, Final Stages

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Runaway Rabbit. I've completed the parts for this new model and put together a test assembly. I'm really pleased with how the motion has come out, Check out the Instagram video below to see what you think. Next step is to add colour, then photography and final release. Shouldn't be too long now :-)

The rabbit body is on a tilting platform, the rear of which is linked to the top of the box by a push rod so that as the car moves the rabbit rocks back and forth.


Tabletop Wars Books

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Table Top Wars

I'm delighted to announce that my Tabletop Wars books are finally available to purchase. I have linked to the the UK Amazon site below with a link to the US site on the second line. I have received my author copies and I'm thrilled with how they have come out. There are four books in the series each showing how you can make all types of tabletop battle equipment from siege engines to trebuchets, from catapults to draw bridges all with a few simple tools and materials you can find around the home. Hurry along to Amazon to purchase your copy now!

Catapults Traps and Triggers Small Launchers Medieval Battlefield
( ( ( (

Flexiphant printed kit from Flying Pig

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New! Visit the Flying Pig website where you can order your own Flexiphant kit to cut out and make! Pull the tail on the Flexiphant and she raises her tail in surprise.

Shipping is free anywhere on the planet on orders over £20 (equivalent to six or more kits)

Check out this Instagram animation of the finished Flexiphant in action! Visit the Flying Pig website to order your own Flexiphant delivered anywhere on Earth.

Runaway Car Prototype

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First steps in the design of the Run Away Car paper animation...

My latest project is based around the Crank/Slider Essential Mechanism. Currently the model features a rabbit in a run-away car though the animal may change at a later stage. I've completed a couple of prototypes and think that I have the mechanism sorted, just the character to finish off.

The first draft featured a profile view of a rabbit, just to see if the movement worked okay. It did.

The base plate for the rabbit was hinged at the front in the first prototype.

In the second prototype I fitted a rear hinge on the baseplate. The movement looked much more interesting.

I initially experimented with arms that moved via pull tabs inside the 3D body. It worked but in the end I decided against it as the parts were rather cramped making construction difficult.

Next step, I'm going to scan the various hand-cut parts into the computer, finalise the head then rebuild the model as a test.

Big Bean Goose

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Back in 2006 I designed this Big Bean Goose for my friend Hal Faruta of Molen Co. The Big Bean Goose is the symbol of the Japanese city Agano, near to where Hal-san lives. He commissioned me to designed the model on behalf of the Agano district.

Hal-san has a fabulous collection of automata from all sorts of makers, check out his Instagram Feed here. It's full of wondrous pictures and animations.