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Two New YouTube Mash-Up Videos

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Thank you to Manic Mechanic for sharing this video of his amazing Dragon Model. The dragon is based around the Crank Cam Essential Mechanism. Looks great doesn't it!

And while we are in the mood for videos, check out Michael42er's latest amazing creation.

Michael's model use an combination of the co-axial drive and the sledging pengiun to great effect, thanks for sharing Michael!

Halloween Paper Projects!

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From a the shambling Frankie to your own Cauldron Candy Box, there is still plenty of time to make your own Halloween paper models.
Click on the links below to find out more and to download these spooky delights.

Pop-up Pumpkin Frankie

Candy Box

Candy Box

Designing Bellows

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If you follow my Instagram feed you will have noticed a few pictures of bellows of late. This is related to a commission piece I recently completed (More of which I'll be able to tell you in early Nov) For now, I'm happy to share with you what I have learned about bellows design. There are a few ways of making bellows, the one I'm using here is based around triangles. In the picture below I've marked out the base triangle of a five sided bellows.

Here's the base triangle for a ten sided bellows. You can see how it is constructed from three adjacent corners on a decagon.

To construct the net for the bellows I places a pair of these same triangles back to back and measured them up. I then used the dimensions to create a grid of triangles in Illustrator.

The grid features the same triangle repeated and stacked.

Here's the completed layout for the ten sided bellows. (Note that the bellows are rotated ninety degrees compared to the previous picture.

Printed, scored and folded, the finished result looks like this. I'll make it available as a download shortly. Meanwhile if you have any questions please feel free to ask them in the comments section.

Penguin Mash-Up from Mr Cool

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Here's another mashup by Mr Cool for your delight! This time he has linked together the Four Bar linkage model and the new Sledging Penguin

It looks great! Thanks for sharing!

Contra-Rotating Robot Prototype

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I've completed an early first draft of my proposed counter rotating robot model. Definitely needs a snappier name!

The model uses a modified version of the coaxial drive, turn the handle and the head rotates one way and the body the other, the final effect is, though I say so myself, rather cool!

I've extended the two drive axles from the original Essential Mechanisms so that they are longer than the originals. Note that the 8mm shaft extends further down through the box than the 10mm shaft which is why is doesn't extend far above the outer shaft.

I've made a pair of legs with a hollow centre for the drive shaft.

The legs fit to the box top with a pair of temporary feet at their ankles.

To finish off, the body fits to the outer shaft via a spider. The head fits to the inner shaft in the same way. For version two I'll need to extend the inner axle by another 20mm or so. Looking good so far and it works a treat!
Time to scan and transfer the robot parts to the computer.


Contra-Rotating Seal from Michael42er

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The ever creative Michael42er has shared his latest creation in the comments section of the Co-axial Drive. He has made this super model featuring a seal with balancing ball. I really like the circus themed colour scheme as well, thanks for sharing Michael!

Contra-Rotating Robot Prototype

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I've scanned in the penguin parts from the previous post and have them lined up ready to convert into a suitable digital format. I'm still mulling over the final details of the design so while I'm doing that I've made a start on the Contra-rating Robot idea. First step, I've put together this prototype for the head and body.

The inner axle fixes to the inside of the head...

...the outer axle fixes to the body.

The finished robot will fit atop the Co-axial Drive Essential Mechanism with the head rotating one way and the body/arms rotating the other. I need to sort out the legs now, the tricky part is going to be fitting the two axles up through the box top and through the two legs. Should be fun :-)

Sledging Penguins - Prototype Model

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The co-axial drive from Essential Mechanisms looks to be a promising starting point for a few different paper projects. I was planning on making the contra-rotating robot first but I've been distracted by Mr Cool and his fabulous mash-up with the Runaway Rabbit. I mentioned in a comment on the post that I might have a go at something similar myself but with sledging penguins instead of the rabbits in cars.

Here are my (very rough) sketches of what I had in mind. The idea is fairly straightforward. There is a large rotating disk connected to one axle. This moves the outer penguin round and round. The inner penguin is mounted on the other axle and turns on the spot in the other direction.

First step, design a penguin on a sledge. Presented here is my first freehand draft amde from coloured card. Next step, I'll cut the model up and lay out the parts on my scanner then outline them in Illustrator making a set of printable parts.