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Paper Model Script for Blender

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I think I've tracked down the ultimate tool for making paper models using Blender. Up until now I've been using UV-unwrap, part of Blender but it turns out that this isn't as accurate as I was hoping. To be fair, it is not intended for the use to which I was putting it. After a bit of searching I can across this Blender Add-On which you can download for free here.

Then it is simply a case of making your model (more of which later) and clicking Save -> Paper Model... 

...and printing it out. How cool is that!?

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Josh Miller (not verified)

Hey Rob,


       Have you looked at using pepakura. Its sole purpose is to unwrap 3d models. You should check it out.


I've looked at Pepakura - looks good but I use a Mac and it is Windows only.

Do you know anything about Rhino?


See example of smash function here:

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