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Rolling out the updated website.

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I've done as much as I can on the updated web site without making it live. So to that end, I've set it up so that it is now the default theme for members/subscibers, I'll move everyone else across shortly, meanwhile you can see what you are missing below.

If you have any problems, suggestions or nice things to say please leave a comment or send an email. If you are really stuck you can change back to the old theme until I have ironed out all the wrinkles .

  • Click on Files
  • Scroll down to Theme Configuration
  • Choose robivestheme

I hope you like it!

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Well, I find the "design" really cool (wishing my site will be like that one day !)

Need to try the "practicability" but looks nice, clear, with  just the little touch of fun needed !


Nice job Rob !



I like this new site a lot. Fun, easy to navigate and very pleasing to the eye. You can design my site any day of the year!





thanks both - I'm glad you like it! :-)

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