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Cam & T.Rex Mash Up - Download and Make for Free!

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New project for everyone to download from the Brother Int. Creative Center.

This interchangeable cam-in-a-box makes a great starting point for your own paper automata.

For example, with a couple of simple modifications you can bring the T.Rex to life.

Cam || T.Rex

Check out the YouTube clip!

Doughnut Power!

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If you have been following the recent comments on the website you will have seen that user
has been working a Doughnut model. He's applying for a vacancy at a doughnut shop in Denver and decided to get creative with his resume.

He's made up a paper doughnut from here then created a box for it matching the style for the Doughnut Outlet in question.

He's then boxed up the doughnut with his resume and delivered them to the store where he says that the reaction was delight and surprise. I'm not surprised!

Good luck with the application Sean and thanks very much for sending the pictures through!

Paper Models Fun!

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Friend of the website Jay and I have been chatting on Google+

He's been working with his students making paper models from the website, encouraging them to mash up existing models and create new designs. It sounds like they have had a fantastic time. I was particually delighted with the models produced by student Uriya including a mash-up of the cam box and the guard dog as well as some models from the Brother website which he had made at home. Thanks Jay and Uriya! They look great!

Pop Up Dinosaur!

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Have a look at the Pop Up DInosaur, a simple to make card that I have designed for the Brother International Creative Center.

It is free for everyone to download here. I hope you enjoy making it!


Hen and Worm Prototype

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Prototype for a worm/hen model. I veered off from my original plan to try this model.

The circle of life continues as the hen tries to catch the worm and the worm dodges out of the way... just in time.

I put together this quick stop motion animation of the prototype in action.


From the side you can see how the hen is driven via a bell crank. Because the push rod linking to the bell crank is moving horizontally it moves 90° ahead of the movement of the worm giving the chase/retreat movement which adds to the charm of the action. Looking good so far but there is a fair amount of work needed to sort out the geometry. Not bad for a first draft though don't ya think?

Pop Up Tiger!

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Check out the Pop Up Tiger, a simple to make card that I designed for the Brother International Creative Center.

It is free for everyone to download here. I hope you enjoy making it!

Designing a Robot Head with Blender and Pepakura

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The head of the robot model I'm working on is a hemisphere squashed front to back so that it has an elliptical profile viewed from the top. I can easily make the shape using Blender the open source (free) 3D modeling software but how to make the shape into a net that I can then cut out? I've tried a few different things before but this time I thought I would try Pepakura. I use a Mac for most of my work and Pepakura is PC only so I've never tried it before but as I now have a Windows PC for the laser cutter I thought I would give it a go. I parted with my $38 and set about converting my Blender shape. As advised by Google I exported the shape in the Collada (.dae) format and transfered it to my PC via Dropbox

From there is was simply a case of opening to file in Pepakura, clicking the 'Unfold' button and saving the output file in a .dxf file format.

Back to my Mac and I opened the .dxf file in Illustrator and after a bit of tweeking, printed it out.

Simple! I think Pepakura could really come in handy!

Crocodile. Early Stage Prototype

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I've been experimenting with a new design. In this model I want the crocodile to lunge forward opening and snapping its jaws shut then, as it pulls back more slowly I want the jaws to open and close a smaller amount three or four times. Nom nom nom.

Here's my first draft for a mechanism to move the jaw. There is a cam follower on the underside of the jaw which runs down the groove in the slider. The cam follower is pushed across at the extremes of travel so that it changes lanes in the reverse direction. You should be able to make out one long cam bump of the far side groove to open the jaws wide. On the near side are three short bumps for the nomming.

The cam follower is hinged so that it can move from groove to groove.

Something like this.

It is looking promising for a first draft!