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Cauldron Mash-Up from Mr Cool

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Mr Cool has been at it again! This time he has mashed up a few models including the recent Cauldron project and made this Skeleton mixing up a magic brew. Nice work Mr Cool, thanks for sharing :-)

Cauldron Candy Box - Halloween Paper Craft to Download and Make

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Another Halloween treat for everyone to download for free. I designed this cauldron candy box for Brother International and they have just uploaded it to their website. Check it out here!

Paper Pumpkin to Download andMake

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Here's a little Halloween treat for everyone to download for free. Brother International have just added the pumpkin candy box that I have designed for them to their website. Check it out here! Candy not included!

Frankie - Prototype Paper Monster for Halloween

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If you've been following my Instagram feed you'll have seen this character already. With halloween approaching fast I thought it was time to bring him to life.

My plan is to animatate Frankie by connecting him to a vertical rotating shaft on a Mesh Gear box then, using a horizontal cam profile on the box top, I plan to make his arms move up and down as he turns round. He actually looks pretty good just turning without any arm movements but the moving arms will hopefully add an extra dimension.

Keep checking back to see how he is progressing!

Mushroom Mash-up!

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Friend of the website José sent in a video of the Mushroom Mashup that he created.

Bellows   Mushroom

Thanks for sending it in José, I love the video!

Playful Seal Mashup by Mr Cool

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Mr Cool has been at it again! He has taken the Mesh Gear 11:23 and a seal model from Annabelle Curtis' book 'The Moving Menagerie' ...

Mesh Gear 11:23   Rocking Seal

...and made this rather splendid playful seal automata. Thanks for sharing Mr Cool!

Triceratops - Neck Joint Revisited

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While I was working on the final layout of the Triceratops model the final prototype was sitting on the desk next to me. I kept picking it up and playing with it, looking at how the various joints worked. In the end I just wasn't satisfied with how the head moved. It just didn't have enough range of movement. I stopped the layout/colour process and went back to the prototype to see how it could be improved.

Here's what I came up with. Click on the image here to see an Instagram video of the improved neck joint in action.

The original model had the neck fixed to the body then a two axis joint inside the head . The new version has a second two axis joint inside the body. It makes the head much more flexible and, I think, it is a big improvement to the final model. Here is the new two link, two axis neck piece.

...and here it is fitted into the body.

The new joint gives a much wider range of movement and makes the Triceratops far more poseable.

So, part layouts to redo then the colour. Won't be long now.

Triceratops - Completed Body Design

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I've completed the parts design for the poseable Triceratops model. Colour next then I'll be posting it on the website.