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Riveting Reading

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There are a lot of rivets on the Knight model I'm working on. A lot.

Time to harness the power of Illustrator! The Appearance panel is a very powerful tool. I can use it to modify a simple dotted line making it more representative of a strip of rivets. Starting with a simple line of black dots I click on the add stoke button and add a dotted blue stroke slightly smaller that the black - 6pt vs 7pt

Using the fx button I add a small transform to the black stoke moving it down and left slightly, imitating a shadow for the rivet head.

I then add another stroke - this time white 2pt and move it up and right to simulate a highlight on the head of the rivet.

I finish off the rivet effect by adding a couple of solid stroke lines (light blue and dark blue) below the line of rivets.

To make the rivets easily accessible I save them as a new Graphics Style - Rivet Ribbon.

Sorted! I can now add the rivet effect to any shape I choose - That should speed up the art work for the Paper Knight considerably!

Paper Knight Prototype

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I'm working on a character that will work as a stand alone papertoy and will also be useable as the starting point for a possible paper animation. If you follow me on Instagram you will have already seen the freehand version I made yesterday - Today I have taken that model, cut it up, scanned the parts and prepared a digital file.

Here is the paper knight printed and cut out onto coloured card. There are a few small changes needed then I'll be adding colour and details such as rivets to complete the layout.

The helmet fits into place one tube inside the other allowing the head to rotate.

I've made the arms moveable using the same mechanism I used for the tail in the poseable dog model.

I'm away for a couple of days then I'll be finishing off the paper knight as a downloadable project! Ni!

Gear and Girl Mash-Up

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Here's another project I designed for the Brother International website. It is free for everyone to download and make.

Make the mechanism and find out first-hand how gears work. Why not mash up the Gear Mechanism with the Paper Girl project, another free download from the Brother site.

Gear Mechanisms || Paper Girl

Check out the YouTube clip showing the mash up in action!

House of Robots

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Some time back I was asked for permission to use one of my designs in some promotional material. Today a package arrived for the US revealing the results.

The book House of Robots looks like great fun and has rave reviews on

This special edition - exclusive to Target, the US store, has a free build your own robot within the pages. That's where my design comes in.

The fold out sheet has all the parts you need... make this robot.


And here it is in action!
Thanks for sending me the samples Florence, they look great!


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One of the problems with download/printout models is alignment. In models where parts need to be lined up accurately on the front and back of a sheet normal printing just isn't up to the job. You may have noticed my latest attempt to get round this problem in the recent Hen Pecked model.

In this design there is a cross piece at the back of the hen that needs to be accurately positioned. I've placed the glue areas on a hinged piece.

The hinged piece folds over and glues down onto the back of the body piece positioning the glue areas accurately.

The side is completed by trimming of the cross hatched piece.

Ta daa!

Here's the cross piece, accurately positioned in the final model.
It's all about the incremental improvements :-)

Cam & T.Rex Mash Up - Download and Make for Free!

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New project for everyone to download from the Brother Int. Creative Center.

This interchangeable cam-in-a-box makes a great starting point for your own paper automata.

For example, with a couple of simple modifications you can bring the T.Rex to life.

Cam || T.Rex

Check out the YouTube clip!

Doughnut Power!

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If you have been following the recent comments on the website you will have seen that user
has been working a Doughnut model. He's applying for a vacancy at a doughnut shop in Denver and decided to get creative with his resume.

He's made up a paper doughnut from here then created a box for it matching the style for the Doughnut Outlet in question.

He's then boxed up the doughnut with his resume and delivered them to the store where he says that the reaction was delight and surprise. I'm not surprised!

Good luck with the application Sean and thanks very much for sending the pictures through!

Paper Models Fun!

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Friend of the website Jay and I have been chatting on Google+

He's been working with his students making paper models from the website, encouraging them to mash up existing models and create new designs. It sounds like they have had a fantastic time. I was particually delighted with the models produced by student Uriya including a mash-up of the cam box and the guard dog as well as some models from the Brother website which he had made at home. Thanks Jay and Uriya! They look great!