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Pinterest Interest

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Pinterest is one of those fantastic parts of the internet where the small efforts of thousands of people combine to make a superb resource. In the case of Pinterest, a place where you can find quality , interesting pictures of all sorts based on all sorts of themes, from fashion to fruit, from models (both types) to mechanism.

To make it easy for anyone interested to share the pictures from my site. I've added a new feature. Hover over any of the pictures and a 'Pin It' button appears allowing you to easily pin pictures from this site onto your Pinterest boards. I hope you find it a useful feature!

Keep up to Date with Instagram

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I've been using Instagram for a while now. It lets me take quick snaps of what I'm designing and post it with a quick comment. The five most recent pictures that I've taken appear at the bottom of the front page of the website. 

Did you know you can also follow me directly on Instagram? As a follower you can view my latest pictures on your smart phone and easily add your own feedback and comments. Go on, you know you want too!
Follow me at 
www.instagram/robivescom or search for robivescom on your phone copy of Instagram.
After all, you wouldn't want to miss out on upcoming wonders like the Super Snooper Spy Ears would you? 

Google - the fount of all knowledge

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Today's picture on the Google homepage is a picture based on the locomotive created by Richard Trevithick who was born 13 April 1771. It's a fantastic picture but has a minor fault. The gears wouldn't turn! If they'd checked the gear section of my website they would have realised that any ring of gears with an odd number of gears just won't turn! 

#1 Daughter says that I'm a 'geek' for pointing this out. A compliment I'm sure that she didn't intend :-)

Mechanisms Offline


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This download contains the original mechanisms from the flying pig website now available here to download by popular demand.  Over forty web pages.
Forty+ animations.
Information on many types of mechanism and movement.

The download consists of one .zip file which will take no more than a couple of minutes download. (It's 600k)

Second entry

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This is another blog entry, this time with a picture. I needed to add this entry to see how it all fits together when you have more than one entry. I should probably add another one after this though I'm not really sure what I could write about.

Let's see how paragraphs are displayed. This picture makes me want to go and get a coffee.