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Crow model

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hugo leandro
Crow model



  It's so nice dating the photos posted on this forum. I'd like to suggest to Mr.Rob Ives why not to change the blue colour to black one in the crow model? It's  looked superb, also. Just a suggestion.

Black and blue crow

I, too was put off a little at first by the blueness of the crow. But now I think it's really fun that way. Only a little crow that's blue [sad] could make such a noise! If you still want a black crow, however, there are a number of draw and color programs available that you could use to make your crow black. I'm pretty sure Rob wouldn't mind too much.

Super Black Crow.

I don't mind you editing the files- help yourself! However, to save you the effort, I've uploaded a black crow onto the original crow page. Hope this is what you were after.