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mash up by me =)

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mash up by me =)

i took robs caveman and the triceratops and added them to a bevel gear.i gave the cave man the hammer from robs hammer bot model.the caveman and the dinosaur both turn in a circle with the triceratops a little ahead of the cave man in a infinate hunt.i posted a youtube video here

flying dragon model

i used robs flying cow mechanism
and a dragon model i got from this site here
and made a flying dragon model i posted a you tube video here
and if you wanted to look here is a video of the original dragon model

cow jumped over the moon

i made a model of a cow jumping over the moon using the crankslider 2 mechanism.there really wasnt a good place to post it on the main site so i decided to put it here in the forum
you can watch the cow jump over the moon here

These are awesome! Thanks Mr

These are awesome! Thanks Mr Cool!

gamboling lamb

if you follow robs website then you probly know at the bottom of the homepage is the instagram pictures Rob posts of what hes working on or just stuff he thinks looks prety or looks intresting...but anyways a few days ago he had a quick video of a Gambolling lamb(gambolling means to jump playfully)
so i thought it was a fun little model so i tried to make it myself.the bell crank on the back leg of mine got messed up a little but it gave my version a bit of a running motion so i just left it as it was.i posted a video of my little creation here
i also made this cute little model of a monster lifting up a building

skateboarding wolfman

ever seen a skateboarding wolfman?

what of course he exsists=) hes right here...

paper model,bad boat trip

i used the mechanism from the train model in the book automata too by Magdalen Bear

and added pieces from some other models to make this model of a group of sharks circling a the description of the video is all the pieces i used.

video here

ski bear

in robs instagram there was a sketch of a skibear model i thought it was a nice idea so i modified the bear from the brother creative center

and attached it to the skirex mechanism and made a ski bear

video here

rowing sheep

i used robs triple crank mechanism his diagreeable sheep and the boat from keith newsteads odyssey model to make this  rowing sheep model

acrobat cat

i turned the acrobat cat from the cool4cats site into a stand alone model.

video here

dancing santa

christmas is over and all the presents are delivered and now santa is dancing with joy

with a little help rom the four bar linkage mechanism of course

watch it here

moon and earth

i used the mesh gear and robs earth and moon models and made this

the earth rotates on its axis and the moon revolves around the earth.

it would be more accurate if they moved at diffrent speeds but not sure how to do that.maybe somekind of stacked gears at diffrent sizes and attach pins to each gear and have one go thru the other like the mesh gear 2 except both tubes turn at diffrent speeds?

playing kitty model

i used 2 crank mechanisms,the ginger cat, and a belt drive to make this cute little playing kitty's model

paper venus flytrap

i used  robs cs2 mechanism(forgot about cs3) and a free download of a paper piranha from mario bros its like a venus flytrap =0)

all the info is in the description of the video which is here












desktop gremlin mash up

i took the models from David landis desk top gremlins animal kingdom model and attached them to robs 11/23 mesh gear mechanism and made a fun little model

you can see my creation here

angellily (not verified)
introduce myself to robives

Hello everyone

i am new here.