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Bell Crank

The bell crank is used to convert the direction of reciprocating movement. By varying the angle of the crank piece it can be used to change the angle of movement from 1 degree to 180 degrees. The bell crank was originally used in large house to operate the servant’s bell, hence the name.

“Jeeves, where’s my tea?!”

Download and make your own bell crank mechanism here.

There's an updated animation here:


Anonymous (not verified)

Jeeves, wheres my tea?!

Jeeves (not verified)

on its way sir

Anon (not verified)

Good, Make sure it is EXACTLY 87 degrees!!

Anonymous (not verified)

Yes, sir, 87 degrees EXACTLY right on the spot, of course sir.

Anonymous (not verified)

And make sure to put in only 1.243 teaspoons of sugar!

Anonymous (not verified)

And make sure each grain of the sugar has been individually sculpted into a microscopic model of Donald Duck sun-bathing on a deck chair. 

This is getting silly. - RI

Anonymous (not verified)

sir, I assure you it is on its way. Do not panic, I have got you Earl Grey tea for this morning sir with a little biscuit on the side. :{)

Like I said... - RI

Anonymous (not verified)

*Deposits tea with bell crank* Here you are, sir.


funny comments can't stop laughing

hugh jazz

omg neither such class banter